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61: fsx.CFG – Scenery Resolution

Equivalent SCENERY setting in fsx.CFG
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60: fsx.CFG – Weather

Equivalent WEATHER setting in fsx.CFG
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35: fsx.CFG – AverageFrameRate

fsx.CFG provides 3 sets of information about normal and slew flight.  The information will be displayed and cycled when SHIFT-Z is pressed.

To simplify and maximize the display, adjustments as shown below can be used to group the 3 sets of information into a single one for each type.
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27: fsx.CFG – Texture_Bandwidth_Mult=800

TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT under [Display] section of fsx.CFG controls video hardware’s texture transfer rate.

Default value is 40.

If a graphics card comes with 1GB or even 2GB video memory, you may try increasing the value for a smoother display quality.

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12: fsx.CFG – Dusk & Dawn Brightness

To adjust the darkness and brightness of dusk and dawn textures, add the following command lines under GRAPHICS section.

DAY_THRESHOLD=n (default=32768)
NIGHT_THRESHOLD=n (deafult=4096)

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11: fsx.CFG – HighMemFix

To fix errors with texture disappearing when using a lot of video memory, add the following command line under GRAPHICS section.


10: fsx.CFG – AffinityMask

For Multiple Core support in FSX, add the following command line in fsx.CFG file.   The setting is not shown by default.


Choice of <n> as follows:

For 2-core 4-thread CPU
15=1111 = ALL 4 cores
14=1110 = last 3 cores  (cores read from back to front)
7=0111 = first 3 cores
3=0011 = first 2 cores
1=0001 = first core

For 4-core 8-thread CPU
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