609: My Cockpit Rev #22 – Flaps Lever

I’ve been playing a lot with the newly bought 3D printer lately.   After many failures, I finally made a satisfied Flaps Lever to replace the little black round button coming with the Flaps Indicator by Desktop Aviator.

The 3D model of the Cessna flap lever I earlier sourced from the Internet wasn’t bad.  However, it is a bit small and the shaft hole doesn’t fit the metal shaft, which is flat, on the indicator.

Therefore, instead of modifying the file, I created my own with the addition of an angled element to the end of the shaft holder so that it looks more naturally against the odd angle pointing upward with the original version. I also learned from it while creating it.

The milky white color of the print-out already looks good to me.   All it needs is some polishing to smoothen the rough surface.

Except that I accidentally deleted the file after printing it, I couldn’t be happier more with another enhancement to my cockpit after the handle for the parking brake.


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