585: TE Washington – Think before You Buy

I originally had great expectation on Orbx’s True Earth Washington for P3D because the company’s True Earth Washington for X-Plane looks great.  But when I got the P3D version yesterday, I have to say that I am disappointed since it is inferior to its X-Plane brother, especially in the two aspects below.

In its description, it says it offers 66,574 square miles of hand-corrected, crisp aerial imagery.   However, crisp or not depends on how high you fly.

click to see larger image

Unless flying above 1,000 feet, I found the lands and mountains are much blurrier than what they are in Orbx’s Pacific NorthWest or even in the bare Prepar3D.  And they look particularly awful on my 1 x 65-inch and 2 x 49 inch 4K TVs, even though I have slided the texture and mesh settings to the max.

Second, the building objects in True Earth Washington are clearly different from its brother products.  They seem to be more accurate in scale and placement in position.  But unfortunately they look insignificant on top of the “colorful” landscape due to their smaller sizes, making the scenery very messy even on my large displays.

In addition, the brownish color used on sand and soil and mountains are many times unnatural and looks odd among surrounding areas.

Truly, above pictures may not explain clearly of what I’ve seen in the product.  If you have Orbx’s Cushman Meadows, have a look of its surrounding and you’ll know better of what I am talking about.

To me, the True Earth Washington, in a sense, is the regional expansion of the Custman Meadows.

Of course, the product is still tempting since it gives a more accurate landscape to the reality.  But if you

  • normally fly low,
  • have large displays, and
  • don’t like Orbx’s Cushman Meadows (KCMW)

then, you’d better think twice before you place your order.


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