560: My COCKPIT REBUILDING #10 – Parking Brake Remodified

Although the using of the dental floss picks plastic box for the parking brake modification described in the last post does the job nicely, the plastic box itself in milky transparent color, however, looks a bit odd among my other cockpit stuffs.  Moreover, as the case was hard-drilled onto the underneath side of the table, I find I am giving myself a hard time when I need to readjust its position accordingly when the yoke is moved.

After many different attempts, I finally managed to repackage the parking brake module onto a hard paper board cut from an old Chinese Moon Cake box.
The new module can now be easily realigned according to the position of the yoke because the hard paper board is fastened to the table via the clamping arms of the yoke instead.  No drilling is required.

The packaging side (picture above) may look a bit coarse.  The resulting faceplate in brownish wooden color (picture below) is way better than the transparent plastic box used before.

Moreover, the hard paper board is recycled for green too.

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