543: MS FS Strikes Back – Update

Here’s further notes from Brian regarding the coming MS Flight Simulator:

Xbox is the Microsoft games “umbrella”, the new MS Flight Simulator WILL run on Windows 10 “under” the Xbox “app”. Windows 10 users (running the May 2019 update) can install the beta of Microsoft’s revamped Xbox app from https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-app. Microsoft Flight Simulator will arrive on Xbox One and PC {in 2020?}, and will be included for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. So, buy the new FS and pay MS an annual fee for Xbox game pass…

What nobody knows yet is will the new FS support all the terrific integration software under the hood, better known as the SimConnect SDK, that developers and hardware builders relied on for years to create add on aircraft and controls – even FSUIPC. I’m NOT encouraged to find that the SimConnect SDK reference or ESP platforms https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/microsoft-esp/cc526983(v=msdn.10) have a purple banner saying are “no longer being updated.” Without an interface / API, it’ll be great eye candy, but never a great “flight simulator” – just another game.

Let’s wait and see.

2 thoughts on “543: MS FS Strikes Back – Update

  1. You will not have to both buy FS, and pay for Game Pass. With Game Pass, as long as you have the subscription you can access the games offered by it. The non-MS published titles do rotate out, but the MS titles should stay in. They started it last year for PC with Sea of Thieves (it’s been longer on Xbox). Once you cancel the subscription you lose access to all the games you played with it. As an alternative you can just buy games themselves. You don’t have to do both.


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