COCKPIT: Paul Alessie (EHAM, Netherlands)

Paul Alessie started building his generic GA cockpit a few years ago for the training of his private pilot license.  The pictures shown below are from the 5th version of his cockpit, which is mostly based on the BeechCraft Duke but can also be used for several other aircraft.

He says he attends the FSweekend at Lelystad every year to show other people what is possible with this (quite expensive) hobby.

Builder: Paul Alessie
Location: Netherlands
ICAO: EHAM, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Project Notes:
A few years ago I’ve started with building a generic GA cockpit. The cockpit is mostly based on the BeechCraft Duke, but can also be used for several other aircraft like the ones that A2A offers.

I’m currently running the 5th version of this cockpit, since I’ve kept improving it.  For example: I’ve replaced all the handmade panels and bezels with lasercut/3D printed items. I’ve also installed a touchscreen monitor which I use as the GTN 750 module.

I have built this cockpit to train for my private pilot license (which I’m currently working on) and use it for private proposes.  I do however attempt the FSweekend at Lelystad every year to show other people what’s possible with this (quite expensive) hobby :)

I am using the following setup to run everything on one PC with the following specifications:

  • Processor : Intel® Core™ i7-8700k overclocked to 4,8 GHz
  • Memory : Geil EVO Spear 16GB DDR4-2400
  • GPU : nVidia GTX1080 8GB
  • SSD : SSD 250GB Crucial MX500
  • HDD : 1TB HDD
  • Power supply : 850 Watt Cooler Master
  • Cooling : Watercooling NZXT Kraken X52
  • Motherboard : Asus TUF X299 Mark 2


  • 1 x touchscreen for GTN 750
  • 2 x HD monitors inside the cockpit (to display gauges)
  • 1 x optional screen for instructor station
  • 1 x 55 inch 4K television for visuals


  • P3D V4.3
  • ORBX TrueEarth Netherlands
  • NL2000 airports scenery
  • ActiveSky weather engine
  • Spad.Next for Saitek drivers
  • Virtualfly TQ control
  • FSUIPC V5.0 for all buttons and switches
  • IVAO connector
  • PTA shaders
  • Simplugins Panel Builder for gauges (trying to replace it with FSX Times gauges)
  • FS-flightcontrol for the instructor station
  • Various addon aircraft

Other Hardware:

As seen on the pictures, most of it is made by myself.  I’ve decided to use the Saitek panels because they facilitate all functions well.

All the buttons and switches are connected to Leo Bodnar cards. Plug and play, no need to write any scripts.

During the time I’ve made special macro files for most planes since FSUIPC does not recognize all buttons. This way almost every button and switch work, it even recognizes the exact position of a switch.

Also interesting; the yokes are linked with each other and function as a dual yoke system which can be adjusted to the desired force for the roll and pitch.

If you are interested in the cockpit and would like some more information, feel free to contact me via


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