540: For Those Who Love Flying Upside Down

The Alabeo Extra 300S coming with Prepar3D is such a fun aircraft that I couldn’t help flying aerobatic once in a while, even though I mostly got dizzy after it.

After the G5 instruments, I was planning to resume my cockpit rebuilding.  But since a new piece of equipment is still on its way, I decided to go ahead with the Extra 300S gauges first, which I’ve been thinking of for a long time.

There are new elements in the gauge set.  One of them is the dual slip/skid indicators that could handle normal and inverted flying.  A compact wet compass is added to it as well.

Also, the flashing of the status LED on the tachometer when the propeller reaches certain revolution levels is also new.  (This feature will be implemented to my other gauges when upgrade is appropriate.)

Furthermore, a new layout design is also used to make the gauge face about 10 percent bigger.   Can’t say it’s huge, but it does make a difference.

If you love flying upside down with the Extra 300S, check out more details for the gauges from my store here.

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