539: G5 R3 Update for FSX/P3D Now Ready

The FSX/P3D version of the G5 Gauges for Logitech’s Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) have been updated to R3, which is now closely matching with the latest Garmin G5.  Click on each image below for the list of features implemented.

Users of the G5 Gauges should have received the download links in their mailboxes by now.  If not, contact me by email or via Comment Section below.

12 thoughts on “539: G5 R3 Update for FSX/P3D Now Ready

  1. Hey Tom, great work! Quiz question:

    You have these great diagrams that explain each component of the FIP gauge display – do you have them all collected together anywhere that you could share?

    I am pulling together a document (PowerPoint, just because it is easy) that is effectively a Pilot Operating Manual / Pilot Instruction Manual for the physical Sim that I built – and would love to incorporate information on your gauges to really bring it to life!


    1. Hi Dean,
      Do you mean the image of the gauges, such as the one used in my store ?
      Or you just need the G5 one ?
      Great idea to build a Pilot Operating Manual / Pilot Instruction Manual for the sim. Wonder if I could get a copy when yours is done ;) ?

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      1. Hey Tom. So – you use animated GIFs which is great!

        In your store, you have the animated gauge images only.

        In this post for example, you have the animated gauge images, but with a numbered explanation of each component on the gauge. I have not looked, did you do that for all of them? Or do you have a collection you could share via DropBox?

        Both might be useful, but it is the format that explains each gauge component that will be the best for a POM/PIM I thought?

        The POM/PIM will also explain the functions of the other Saitek components too (radio stack, autopilot etc.)

        Obviously, I will end up with different control mappings for different aircraft (and of course your gauges) – so I expect to have a common section, and then specific sections for different aircraft – including any required technical information. I may laminate pages and have loose in a ring binder, to enable rearranging of sections.

        I have a lot of your gauges…. so a lot of aircraft, and a lot of work!

        And of course you will get a copy my friend! As you might guess, it may take some time to complete! I will finish the common section first, with C172/C182 sections. I will share that with you, and then as I add in additional aircraft.



      2. Hi Dean,
        No, I don’t have a collection of them. Those animated gauges are in gif format that I did when needed. Many of them are saved but some of them, unfortunately, were deleted after use.
        What about you tell me which of them you want to use first and I’ll find them out for you as they are not put in one place. I’ll do my best to help.


      3. Thanks Tom.

        I will try the search here on your site first, in conjunction with doing a search in Google with e.g.: “site:fsxtimes.wordpress.com g5” (and filtering by image). I notice some are jpg actually: https://fsxtimes.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/pfd_all_position_exts.jpg

        If you published them, I should be able to search/find them here without bothering you! If I have something specific that I cannot find, I will email you direct if that is OK?

        I will pull together a list of all the gauges I bought from you and make a plan of attack… I expect to be working away from home soon for some months, so will have plenty of spare evenings in hotels to get this done!

        Thanks again,


      4. Hi Tom.
        Woudn’t now where to ask, so here it goes :
        The image on FIP (default Saitek and gauges) is off-centered, even when the simulator is not running.
        Any idea on how to correct this ?


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