534: Garmin G5 XP-11 Conversion Update 2

One of the hassles in doing the conversion for G5 gauges to X-Plane is many FSX/P3D codes don’t have equivalents in X-Plane, and some even react and perform differently.   In addition, there are extra needs not only for updates and enhancements but also needs for changes and additions in order to better match with the current model of the Garmin G5.

For example, the Autopilot status bar on the 2016 version G5 PFD is located in the bottom center on the display (left image below).  It was the layout my G5 gauges for FSX/P3D were based on.   In the 2018 model, the Autopilot status bar has been widened and moved to the top (right image below).

Also, the Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) on the HSI now comes with different colors according to the source selected.
So, it really makes no sense to just converting the codes and keeping the old design in the new XP G5 gauges without modifications accordingly.

Luckily, these changes enhancements are not huge and unworkable.  They just add complexity and require extra time.

Better yet, the process goes smoothly so far.  The completion time should be kept as expected in general.

Supporters, who are willing to pay in advance, are still welcome.

If you are interested to be a part of the supporter team, you could fill up the form in Post 525 or let me know in the Comment section below or email me directly.

Do note again that these G5 Gauges are developed for the Saitek/Logitech Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) and run on the company’s X-Plane plugin only.

Lastly to all existing G5 users of the FSX/P3D platforms, similar updates will be carried out after this conversion project ends.


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