533: Garmin G5 XP-11 Conversion Update

After nearly two months, the minimum targeted number of 10 supporters wanted for the G5 XP-11 conversion project have still not been met.  Only eight simmers showed interests in supporting it.

However, since two of the supporters who expressed willingness to give a bit more to fill up the gap to kick start the project as soon as possible, I sent out emails to all potential supporters for final confirmation last week.

Sadly, four among the eight in the end, including the two who said would pay more, withdrew their supports.

Not a complaint and no hard feeling.  It’s within my expectation that people are really not that keen on the G5 gauges.

The good news is: through the recent update development for the XPL B58 HSI, I evaluated the feasibility and practically of the conversion again.   And I have decided to go ahead with the project, despite the unfulfilled target.

It’s not only for my own interest as a challenge but also as a positive feedback to those who keep standing with me on the supporter side.

Furthermore, the expected time of completion would be shortened to about a month, if everything goes well.

But do note again that although the features and functions of my G5 gauges (PFD and HSI) are based on the real Garmin G5, they CANNOT be a FULL REPLICA and WILL NOT SIMULATE ALL FEATURES from the real one.  It is simply not possible due to hardware and software limitations of the FIP.

In addition, there might be some differences in the X-Plane version compared to the FSX/P3D subling since FSX/P3D and X-Plane are really two different simulators after all.  Some FSX/P3D codes have no equivalents in X-Plane.  But I’ll do my best to make them as close as possible.

That’s all for now.

Supporters are still wanted, of course.

If you are interested to be a part of the supporter team, fill up the form in Post 525 or let me know in the Comment section below or email me directly.  You will get hold of the G5 gauges for X-Plane earlier when they are ready.


2 thoughts on “533: Garmin G5 XP-11 Conversion Update

  1. Just loaded up the G5 its Awesome!! Thank you so much great job!! FYI I am running it on Xplane 10 no problem!!!
    I only have 1 FIP for now..


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