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  1. All the best wishes Tom, thanks again for FSX times, still find great tips and advice here for my flight simming, have moved on from my FIP’s (I think) and may sell them soon, all 12 of them !, but have been getting into X-Plane 11 a lot recently and have not even tried them in this simulation yet! I’ll decide what to do with them soon :)

    Took ownership of the new Thrustmaster Pendulum rudder pedals here, own the MFG Crosswinds v2 as well now, close call between them in my testing so far, have 2 flight sim PC’s though, one for military simulations, one for civilian simulators so will likely keep both units and sell on my Saitek pedals, early days yet in my testing but both pedals far out perform the Saitek ones so far.

    Thanks again for FSX times, good health to you and family and the membership here.



  2. Hi Tom,

    Also my best wishes and good fortune in the new FSXtimes year.
    Thanks for all the posts of last year.
    Always very inspiring !



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