COCKPIT: Michael (EPMO, Poland)

Michael has been flying as a private pilot for 6 years, and he is now working on his multi-engine and commercial pilot rating.  His goal is to find a job in aviation.

Michael says that in his experience as a pilot, he realized that a home simulator is a great means to improving his knowledge and practice muscle skills for the devices he is using on board a real plane.  Although his home cockpit for now is nothing special, he says, he is modifying it a lot with new gears to make it as realistic as possible very soon.

Builder: Michael
Location: Poland
ICAO: EPMO, Warsaw Modlin Airport

Project Notes:
I’ve had a basic flight simulator for years.   But now, having done my 35 hours on a certified simulator, I’ve started building my first real “home cockpit”.   I have the Saitek yoke and pedals, as well as the Saitek radio panel, switch panel and multi panel.  I also use two iPads together with Air Manager to display the relevant flight instruments.

In addition, I’ve bought the “Reality XP” GNS430 navigation software for X-Plane and a “Real Sim Gear” hardware device (which I’m waiting for) to make it as realistic as possible.  Moreover, I am also planning to get the Saitek FIP once the G5 gauges are available for X-Plane.  The knobs and buttons on the FIP would be perfect when operating the G5 units.

The Garmin GNS430 together with the G5 units can be seen in the photo of the PA28 I am flying.

My goal is to make my home cockpit as realistic as possible to the real thing.  In a few months, my new simulator should be ready and look much better.


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