529: Printing Your Own Control Levers

Alex Wierzbowsky’s FIP Customizer is one of the essential tools in my flightsim system.  Lately, he got a 3D printer, thru which he created a number of control lever handles for his A320 and B737 setup.

He says he’s been dreaming of having those levers for many years but the prices of similar products available on the market are not competitive.  So he printed his own.

Alex says the 3D printer plus 1kg of PLA filament cost him only 230 Euro (about $260).  But making good parts requires some practice and wasting some plastic.

Wow!  $260 really sounds attractive.  I thought about getting a 3D printer a couple of years ago for the same reason, but the price at that time, even for an elementary model, stopped me from going further.  Now, I’ll definitely put it onto my coming equipment list.

If you flightsim airliners with Saitek/Logitech’s throttle quadrants and you happen to have a 3D printer, go visit Alex’s webpage here to find out more details of the control levers that he made.  There are even download links for the 3D models that might save you days of work and money too.

Thank you Alex.

2 thoughts on “529: Printing Your Own Control Levers

  1. Hi Tom,

    due to the fact that not everybody owns a 3D printer or wants additional features like adjustable lever friction, higher lever resolution, reverser-locks, flaps-position-locks etc. it might be also interesting to take a look at the https://joesimtech.com.

    best regards, from EDDS



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