527: FIP Gauges for FSX/P3D can now be run in X-Plane

Just noted recently from SPAD.neXt’s website, saying that FIP gauges developed for FSX/P3D platform can now be run in X-Plane using its valuetranscribing feature without any modification.  That’s a good news as I have been stuck for more than two years by the incomplete transcodings of SPAD.neXt’s attempt on making FSX/P3D gauges to be compatible in X-Plane.

In the last few days, I’ve been testing the compatibility of many of my FSX/P3D gauges under X-Plane 11 platform running alongside SPAD.neXt.   Followings are my findings:  

The Good

Yes, the basic flight instrument features on all my gauges I tested are generally running properly in X-Plane 11 alongside SPAD.neXt.

The Not So Good

Additional instrument features, such as the fuel flow issue I reported earlier in my Post 505 is still wrong.  And many of the commands for the control of buttons and knobs on the FIP are not functioning or matching, such as the elevator trim reset, NAV/GPS toggling, etc.

In addition, the gauges are not running smoothly and some gauges and needles even flickers frequently as shown in the video below.

Despite all these issues (of which the cause could be manifold), the valuetranscribing feature in SPAD.neXt does offer some good flexibilities to FIP gauge users who have moved (or are interested to move) from FSX/P3D platform to X-Plane.

But do note that these flexibilities are generally true to those gauges that are less aircraft specific only, such as the Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator and Turn Coordinator.  In addition, the control and response characteristics of these gauges running on different aircraft may vary as well.

Truly, if you are using the default gauges coming with the FIP only, above wouldn’t be a concern.

Q & A

Are my current C172SP gauges developed for FSX/P3D good for the C172SP in X-Plane now?

Yes, in a way.  But do note again that the fuel flow issue is still an unsolved case.  And the appearance and responses of the gauges might be different from the ones being used on the X-Plane C172SP.

After all, the two C172SP are developed by two different makers.

Am I going to complete my C172SP project for X-Plane running with SPAD.neXt?

Yes, I will complete the remaining gauges in the project.  Not only because they are better matching the appearance of the X-Plane version, but also they will be specifically developed based on the characteristics of the aircraft.

Do I recommend users to replace the Logitech/Saitek X-Plane Plugin with SPAD.neXt?

If you are happy with what you are having, the answer is NO.

Will I continue to develop gauges for the Logitech/Saitek X-Plane platform?

Yes, as long as there are enough requests and supports for the new gauges.


3 thoughts on “527: FIP Gauges for FSX/P3D can now be run in X-Plane

  1. Thanks a lot for the headup, Tom. This is definitely good news. I have been using the Saitek Flight Instrument Panel Support Addon when I (rarely) used X-Plane because of several issues between SPAD.neXt and XP. I will happily try the SPAD.neXt / your gauges / XP11 combo anew now. Even more, as I find XP11 using the ORBX “facelift” (Xvision + Ultra Weather + corresponding settings to be found in the ORBX forum) turning XP 11 from an ugly khaki-grey duckling into a beautiful swan visually. As recent ORBX screenshots prove.


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