523: My Cockpit Rebuilding #8

I don’t want to wait another day or another week and therefore spent the whole afternoon yesterday hanging up the TVs.  Luckily I am using warehouse racks, installation was a lot simpler than I thought.

Here are some photos of the cockpit before and after the installation.   A quick video of my first flight with the new TV setup is at the end.

My room before installation

TV mounts  (NBC3-F) from North Bayou (NB) were fixed by cable ties to the racks on both sides.  No drilling is required.
This is the cockpit to look like with gauges and glare shield to be added in the future.

Below is a quick video showing my first flight with the new 3-TV setup.  Although placements and alignments of the TV screens are yet to be adjusted, I am quite happy about the result already.  The joy and realism that it brings truly exceed my previous three 27-inch monitors a lot.

12 thoughts on “523: My Cockpit Rebuilding #8

  1. Got a question I am replacing my windows 7with a new computer. Is is windows 10. Do I need to install a separate new driver for my new computer I lost every thing


  2. Awesome! This my plan for my de Havilland beaver but using 32″ tv screens in the pilot and right seat views. Thanks for the video. Again great job.



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