521: Don’t Update Your Logitech Drivers

To all users running my gauges under Saitek/Logitech Drivers
DO NOT UPDATE your drivers to Version

The location of this driver has changed, making it no longer compatible with the installer of my gauges.   In particular, it will remove all your gauges already installed.

If you do not have any issue with your current drivers, keep on using them.   I don’t find any benefit but confusions and errors during my trials of this update.

Again, as reported in my Post 467, the earlier is no good but still fine.

My recommendation is Logitech version or earlier version 7xx.

EDIT: The automatic installer of my gauges is now compatible with the newer Logitech driver   See my Post 541 here.


2 thoughts on “521: Don’t Update Your Logitech Drivers

  1. Tom, I appreciate the info. Can I get a download link to your newest c-172 gauges? Mine are from 2016. Again, thanks for your help and your gauges are awesome.



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