520: X-Plane C172SP Annunciators and Wet Compass Update

Some friends asked if there will be an Annunciator Panel for X-Plane.  Frankly speaking, I never plan to make one in the beginning.  Anyway, as they wish…here’s the X-Plane version for the C172SP.

Operation wise, it is similar to the other versions.  The panel will pop up automatically on the Wet Compass whenever engine warnings are detected.  It will disappear when the signals are gone.

In this way, the notification features can not only be effectively implemented without the need of extra hardware (either FIP or the dedicated Information Panel), but the original design as well as cockpit footprint and layout could also be maintained.

Similarly, the Annunciator is available as an addon to the X-Plane C172SP Wet Compass.  Existing and new users of my X-Plane Wet Compass could enjoy a 60% off discount from here until the end of the year.

By the way, the X-Plane C172SP Wet Compass has also been updated with changes in color for the NAV and GPS indicators, so as to better match with the ones used on the aircraft.

Download links have been sent and should already be in the mailboxes of existing users by now.  For inquiry, contact me by email or via Comment Section below.

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