517: C172R and C172SP Annunciator Panel Released

The Annunciator Panels for the A2A C172R and default C172SP are now ready.  Below is a video capture of the panel added to the Compass on the A2A C172R.

Similar to the C172SP one previewed in Post 515, the C172R annunciator panel will only pop up when error warning lights or equipment status indications are turned on, so that it will not affect the design and functions of the Wet Compass as well as the overall layout of the FIP gauge setup.

However, since the contents and reactions of each annunciator panel are very much unique to a specific aircraft, the panels are therefore developed as addons (instead of my initial thought of making them available as updates) to my Wet Compass gauges.

For example, I originally planned to release the annunciator panels for both A2A C172R and C182T together.  However, the C182T one, at the moment, is still under tuning even though its warning lights and status indicators are identical to the C172R.

Anyway, the annunciator panels for the C172R and C172SP are here.   Any existing or new user of my Cessna Compass gauges could click here for details and get them with a 60% off discount until the end of the year.


Lastly, my reply to emails and inquiries may still be slow.   Still need time to accustom to the artificial lens implanted after the surgery.


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