516: FIP Gauges for A2A Piper Cub

Since I released the Piper Cub gauges two years ago, there are emails once in a while asking me if the gauges are compatible with A2A’s Piper Cub or if there will be dedicated gauges developed for the A2A aircraft.

Well, here it comes at last.  Even though I don’t fly this fun aircraft much, I am still happy to have it completing my Piper Cub sets.

Do note that since all A2A aircraft use Local Variables (LVars), these new gauges are no exception needing SPAD.neXt to run properly on the FIPs (Flight Instrument Panels).

In addition, due to hardware limitations of the FIP itself, the Oil Temperature and Pressure gauges and the Altimeter require certain modifications in order to be compatible with the A2A aircraft, just like the earlier Piper Cub gauges for the default aircraft.

Namely, the dial of the Altimeter will not rotate as shown in the virtual cockpit on the computer monitor when the atmospheric pressure is being adjusted.   Also, the markings of the Oil Temperature and the Oil Pressure gauges are different from the A2A aircraft.

However, the readings are correctly rendered based on the data received from the aircraft.

Anyone interested in this new A2A Piper Cub gauges could click here for details.


Lastly, my eyes are so far so good after the surgery.  Just need a bit more time to adapt to the artificial lens implanted.



4 thoughts on “516: FIP Gauges for A2A Piper Cub

  1. Tom,

    Pleased to hear your surgery went well.

    Best Wishes


    P.S. I’ve been improving my flight sim. will e-mail you some pictures soon.


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