515: Annunciator Panel Video Preview

Logitech (previous Saitek) has an Information Panel but I never like it as it looks odd in almost all virtual cockpits due to its huge size and footprint.

That’s one of the reasons why I developed the Integrated series of gauges for the C172SP in the first place, on which the annunciator panel fits nicely to the Attitude Indicator (ATTAN).

Since the release of the C172SP Standalone gauges many years ago, I’ve been trying to create an equivalent annunciator panel that looks as good as the one on the ATTAN.   There were dozens of idea tried over the years but none was satisfied, no matter they were rendered onto a separate FIP (Flight Instrument Panel) or incorporated into any existing standalone gauges.

Finally, here comes the most satisfied annunciator panel design that I am quite happy with at present.  Following is the video preview of it.

With the target in mind that the inclusion of the annunciator panel will not affect the existing layout of the Standalone gauges and at the expense of an extra FIP, the new design is taking an integrated approach, in which the annunciator panel is added to the existing Standalone Wet Compass.

However, the annunciator panel will only pop up when error warning lights or equipment status indications are turned on as demoed in the video above.

The annunciator panel shown above is customized for the C172SP (FSX/P3D) as annunciator panels are aircraft specific.  It is under final tuning for the moment.  Next panels to come are the A2A C172R and C182T.  The commonly flied A36, B58, Mooney Bravo and most other aircraft on my FIP Gauge Store are to follow.

Due to uniqueness of each annunciator panel, they will be available as addons, instead of updates, to the current Cessna Wet Compass and the Generic Multi-Shared Wet Compass.

Details are to be released when the C172SP panel (and perhaps with the A2A C172R and C182T as well) is ready.

By the way, some of you might have noticed that the backlit effects on the Airspeed Indicator and Altimeter in the video are different from the current version.  Yes, as mentioned in the release of the back-lit effects for the C172SP Integrated series in August, similar modifications for the Standalone series will come as well.  They should be available soon.

Lastly, I am going to have my eye surgery for cataracts earlier next week.   During this period, I’ll keep minimal access to my computer for at least a couple of weeks.


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