Poll: How many FIPs do you have ?

The first gauge project I developed in 2014 for the FIPs was a full set of C172SP instrument packed onto 7 FIPs because I only had seven devices at that time.  As the number of my FIPs grows, most of the gauges I developed since then were in standalone format.   Let me know more about your FIP requirements.

As the survey is conducted via Polldaddy’s free service, participants are not allowed to view the results immediately.   However, I will update the result manually on a daily basis (see the next post) until the survey ends on the coming weekend.

4 thoughts on “Poll: How many FIPs do you have ?

  1. Hi Tom, thanks too for 8 years of FSX times and all the valuable information for our hobby.

    Many a great tip I have learned here, thanks very much.

    As regards the FIP’s I still have 12 of them, but sadly no longer use them, my first one I was lucky enough to get for free and was chosen to do so because I was on the old Saitek forums and was very vocal, hard to say it was beta testing, but I had to fill out a detailed questionnaire and give lots of feedback … and I did, and in return got feedback from one of their guys who was very knowledgeable indeed.FIP was an already finished product when I got mine though, but kinda fun to use something that was not for sale yet … Saitek were a very happening company back then and were producing great affordable products for our hobby quite rapidly for a while, it was sad to see them fold.

    Been meaning to sell my FIP’s for a while now and will definitely put them on Ebay in next week or so, not because they are bad, they are honestly excellent devices that your gauges only make better Tom, its because of how I have changed my attitude to the hobby in recent times, the way I use my 2 desktop PC’s for work and occasional simming and VR gaming has made me seek a more uncluttered desk as 12 FIP’s with associated USB cables that needed plugging and plugging in again was becoming a chore … even with the three separate USB powered hubs I found necessary, also with a 43″ 4K monitor I found the gauges on the screen were large enough to not really warrant them any-more … I do sometimes still use an Ipad and gauges app though, but again, its a while since I’ve used that too … I still keep my Saitek panels I’ve built into a sort of stack, my TPM and trim wheel too … oh and the Saitek Cessna yoke.

    I hope that does not sound too negative, do genuinely enjoy the hobby 100% and indeed took ownership of a pair of MFG Crosswind rudder pedals just yesterday and I am floored by the difference they have made over my old Saitek pedals, so smooth and so precise.

    Thanks again Tom for FSX Times, your work and dedication is still greatly appreciated.



    1. Thanks for the feedback Colin. We all do move on and head for different directions.
      I got a pair of MFG rudder pedals as well but still haven’t unpacked it.
      Building my own cockpit has been my target over the last few years. Although I got all stuff on hands, various reasons are pulling me back from putting them together.
      Anyway, hope is still something I have in mind.


  2. Happy 8 years with FSX times — and thanks for making the flight sim experience very, very real for all of us.

    For instrument training, it really is nice having the “one gauge per FIP”. [IFR flying means staring at instruments, and when you’re learning, the less cluttered the better.]

    I was an early adopter of your C172SP FIP set, and have 12 FIPs..
    The “integrated” fuel and wet compass completed the set. (Fortunately I was able to locate them below and above (respectively) the instrument panel and the layout worked out well.)

    Note: I do have a spare FIP, that could be used for an “integrated” group of extras such as the weight/balance, clocks, etc. but as you’ve found out, “location, location, location” is a challenge. Keep up your FIP mission — especially in dealing with layout space (your final frontier.) And when you solve the “where,” sign me up for the “kitchen sink” FIP gauge!]

    –Jim Gerow

    P.S. your “old [when you did it in 2015] Attitude Indicator with the [wrongly put on] rudder and aileron trim has proven to be very useful! Slightly non-standard C172SP, but it the trim display has been very helpful.


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