A Rally on XPlane C172 Fuel Flow Issue

Regarding the Fuel Flow Issue caused by Logitech’s X-Plane plugin as detailed in Post 505 and the reply from Logitech in Post 509, David Kelly commented that we should rally together and get it done.  I think it’s a very good idea.

My request truly represents just a single incident reported by just one user.   If there are greater numbers of support requests about the fuel-flow issue to Logitech as David suggests, the company should treat the issue more seriously and might possibly create some time-frames to address the issue earlier.

If you are flying X-Plane, please help file a request about the fuel-flow dataref issue as following stated on Logitech’s Support Home.

The value of the “sim/cockpit2/engine/indicators/fuel_flow_kg_sec” dataref on the C172SP is active in the range approximately between 0.003550 to 0.009475 (or 0.003xxx to 0.009xxx) when the engine is running.

However, the X-Plane plugin of the Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) rounds the fuel-flow value from the 3rd decimal number to 5 or 0.   This simply fails to render the fuel-flow value correctly for the aircraft on the FIP.

Even worse, this “rounding bug” not only affects the C172SP, but also all other small aircraft in X-Plane, including the Beechcraft Baron B58, Cirrus Vision SF50, Stinson L5 Sentinel, etc — making any fuel flow gauges developed for the FIP based on the X-Plane plugin impossible.

If you have friends using X-Plane or if you are a member of the X-Plane forum, please help spread the words to get it done.


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