508: The “Back-lit” C172 Integrated Gauges are Coming

During the release of the C172SP “back-lit” version a few months ago, I mentioned that similar changes would be coming soon to the C172SP Integrated series and possibly followed by other gauges.

The plan was dropped because I couldn’t help thinking that the orange-tinted back-lit style used on small aircraft such as the C172SP is a bit exaggerated even though it does look good on bigger jetliners.

After months of exploring, a new black-lit style is devised again — I hope this one will last.   And this time, I will use it on the C172SP Integrated series first.  Then, the standalone version will be revamped with similar changes later.

The first one, the HDCMP as shown below, is scheduled to be released by next week.  Although it doesn’t look as bright as the previous effect as shown above at first glance, the new effect does render nicely in overall quality (click image to enlarge), especially in a darker environment.

Besides graphics, there are feature optimizations and bug fixes as well.

In addition, the revised INTFG (the integrated fuel gauges) that matches the new back-lit style may be ready by the time of the release of the HDCMP, too.

Although the completion of all seven gauges in the C172SP Integrated series will still take some time, I am targeting to finish them all by end of the month.

Stay tuned.


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