502: Poll Result – Flight Simulator of Your Choice

Following is the result of the survey “Which Flight Simulator are Your Using?”
Votes were collected in the week of April-27 to May-3, 2018.   (The original post of the survey has been removed to avoid redundancy.)

From the result, none of the flight simulator surveyed takes up half the market, not even close.

Although Prepar3Dv4 is leading in the poll and the total number of v3 and v4 together adds up to 94, FSX + FSX-SE together is just 1 count behind.   This implies to me that the resistance against Prepar3D is still strong after its launch in May 2010, for eight full years.

Worth noting is X-Plane 11, in which I am not too surprising of its fast catching up pace, from various talks I had with followers of FSX Times.

I must say as a P3D user, Lockheed Martin, in face of Laminar Research’s aggressiveness, seems to be weak and sluggish in dealing with the “new” competition.   And the possibility shouldn’t be ignored that more FSX users (P3D users too) might be moving to X-Plane rather than its little “big” brother P3D.

The last “Others” category should include FlightSim World and Aerofly FS2, etc. although they are not specified.   The former is closing down in three weeks’ time due to insufficient players.   The latter, although a good product, still has a long way to go due to lacking of all-round supports, in my opinion.


9 thoughts on “502: Poll Result – Flight Simulator of Your Choice

  1. I think Its really a matter of 3rd parties and the quality/value of the products/service they provide. FSX has had so long to generate an add on base (same version for 10+years) , while P3D became 64bit not very long ago, and its base is increasing. Considering XP has been 64 bit for quite a while now it should be doing better….I think P3D will catch up to both once this 64 bit thing is in the bag for 3rd parties.


  2. And, since this is FSXTimes – your viewing / voting audience would likely be heavily weighted to FSX and P3D. If the survey were run on the XPlane forum, I’d have to think the numbers would be considerably stronger for XPlane..

    Anecdotal: I build simulator avionic equipment (shameless plug, http://www.simav8.com) and since fall of 2017 when XP11 was released, the number of contacts shifted dramatically to XPlane, like 80%. Used to be exactly the opposite.

    I’m in the “whatever works for you the best” camp, but personally I made the switch to XP11 late 2017 and really enjoy every aspect of it from flying to development. The fact that contributions to the scenery gateway are incorporated into next releases is pretty amazing. VR is interesting too; great for visuals but not good for controls; the “Liberty SIM” model with three screens and real hardware works best for me to build muscle memory; and I am a pilot so that’s important to me.

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    1. Thanks for the note, Brian.
      Even my site isn’t for XPlane, I think it still shows a strong growing in the survey.
      Anyway, I don’t have intention to change my site from FSX Times to XPlane Times. haha

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  3. I completely agree to your statements, Tom.

    “I must say as a P3D user, Lockheed Martin, in face of Laminar Research’s aggressiveness, seems to be weak and sluggish in dealing with the “new” competition.”

    One could argue “we” are not their target market, but if they didn’t have any interest in selling to “us” they could easily exclude “us” from usage. Prepar3d4 certainly was a step forward w.r.t. to 64 bits/no OOMs, anti-aliasing, threading and better performance. However there are a number of long-standing issues which must be addressed to stay competitive: hard-coded ancient default airport runways and navdata (as of 2005!), blurry phototextures, morphing and chewing-gum textures on hills etc. Even more as autogenated photoscenery certainly is the trend of the future. These issues have been reported on the LM forum over an over and the usual answer (if any) by that Rob McCarthy support guy reads “we are investigating this and looking for a solution”.

    “The latter, although a good product, still has a long way to go due to lacking of all-round supports, in my opinion.”

    As much as I like AeroflyFS2 because of it stellar performance and visuals – which I find far beyond any of the other sims – I have to agree here, too. IPACS must speed up development, it just can’t be done by a hand full of guys. Even their very loyal customers are getting impatient. As we are on FSX Times: I am unable to use any of Tom’s fine gauges under AeroflyFS2 because of the simple fact AeroflyFS2 lacks any FIPs support. Not to speak of weather, moving elements like AI planes, cars and water, ATC, and more.

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  4. Hi Tom

    Interesting reading and I also voted on this, worthy of note too is that there is FSX Vanilla and FSX Steam, subtle differences, but after much experimenting I find FSX vanilla and that means Gold or SP2 Acceleration more twaeakable than FSX Steam … its close though, so might be imagining it? With DX10 fixer I almost swear FSX looks just as good as P3Dv4 at times, occasional blurrys in FSX still that I do not get with P3Dv4, but its good to have the choice, both sims are identical for me after market wise, with same after market ORBX scenery and mostly A2A Aircraft where possible.

    Why would anyone still want to use FSX some my ask? well for me its because I enjoy the missions in FSX very much and never did complete them all first time round and I do like complete-ism or closure. P3Dv4 or any other current sim missed out on this, the FSX mission system is quite strong at times and can be very dynamic with different results each time, some of the early third party missions for FSX are quite clever and are really challenging of anyone’s flying skills … Hudson river landing as it was in real life anyone? I have that third party mission, can you make Teterboro Airport or ditch it in the Hudson safely like Sully did.

    For serious flying I’ll switch to P3Dv4 though of course.

    These two are my main sims of choice, even over and above the few military sims I enjoy too.

    Having said that, do own Aerofly FS2, use this mostly for Oculus Rift VR stuff and it is fun I have to admit.

    X-Plane 11, only bought it last weekend, its downloaded and installed and really must spend more time on it soon, tried previous versions of X-Plane, but I’m thinking this is the one … really hope so.

    As for FSW … too bad, hate to see folk made redundant, but the sim made the same mistakes MS Flight did … a closed shop and nothing decent in way of add ons … I’ll keep it installed though, and fly it once in a while, if only to remind myself how it could have been.

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  5. You must not forget: Prepar3D is aimed at the commercial training market, thus not as easy available as all the competition. Lockheed aims at an other peer group than Laminar and Co.
    Of course anyone can buy Prepar3D without being restricted, but Lockheed just has not the “entertainment license” for the old Microsoft code. I suppose they would be more agressive and competetive, if they had not just the “training licence”….

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    1. Well, in a way, yes. But despite whatever it calls itself a commercial training simulator, it is still not responsive enough, IMO.
      Also, don’t know what’s the percentage of the commercial training sector it takes compared to the entertainment licenses it sells.
      Since it is selling the product to the general users, it isn’t purely commercial any more. Surely the issue is complicated and can’t be concluded in a just few thoughts.

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