499: Shader Cleaner is now Free

FSX and P3D creates Shader Caches during operations to optimize overall performance via frequently accessed instructions and codes stored in the caches.   However, the Shader Caches are prone to be messed up by various reasons sometimes.   Rebuilding them is a common method to fix many issues suddenly coming up without a proper cause.

The Shader Cleaner FSX and Shader Cleaner P3D were developed to help clean Shader Caches quickly before the loading of FSX and P3D whenever needed — Personally I don’t recommend cleaning the Shader Caches if everything is okay.
DO NOTE that after the Shaders of P3D v3 and especially v4 are cleaned, the display will black out for some seconds when a new flight is loaded.   Just be patient and everything will come back to normal after the cache is built again.

The utilities were only given to those who send a donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders before.   Now, they are free and the P3D version has also been updated to v4 and downward compatible.

Although compulsory donation is no longer requested, you are still appreciated to do so to help make a better world, whether virtual or real.

Here’s the link to the Freeware section in my store.


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