Cockpit: Ken Terry (YSSY, Australia)

Followings are the cockpit pictures from Ken Terry who is the first person in my Cockpit section using three curved monitors in his set up.   They certainly provide a more realistic scenery impact than the regular display.    (Edit: Imagine what it would look like if the three curved monitors are replaced by three latest 49-inches.)

Builder: Ken Terry
Location: Sydney, Australia
ICAO: YSSY, Sydney Airport

Project Notes:

  • Three Samsung 27” HD Curved monitors
  • Thrustmaster Throttle (Hotas Warthog)
  • Two GoFlight GF-46 Modules set for Comms 1 and Transponder
  • Three Saitek Pro Flight instrument Panels with FSX Times gauges added via SPAD.neXt
  • Above the three gauges is a GoFlight MCP
  • A Thrustmaster T16000 joystick
  • Behind the joystick is a GoFlight GF-166 module set to Nav1, a Go Flight warning panel WP-66, a Boeing replica clock made by Joe Lavery in the UK
  • On the far left of the cockpit is a Toshiba laptop loaded with software from Air Manager (3rd picture)
  • Next to the laptop on the right is a 10-inch Android tablet loaded with FsMovMap for tracking flights and paths of flight plans (3rd picture)
  • On the far right of the cockpit is another 10-inch Android tablet with iFMS software showing PFD and ND (4th picture)
  • Logitech backlit gaming keyboard
  • Audio Technica headset


13 thoughts on “Cockpit: Ken Terry (YSSY, Australia)

  1. Martin Broers, you raised a question about how do I get all the hardware to work.

    I do not have a separate computer for the hardware, all my hardware and P3Dv4.1 software plus lots of addon scenery is connected to a single computer.

    I use SPAD neXt to control my Saitek Pro Flight instrument panels.
    I use a 10 port powered USB distributor to connect most of my instruments and gauges.

    My computer specs are — CPU Intel 4790k at 4.5Ghz, GPU 4GB Nvidia GTX 980, MOBO is ASRock Z97 Extreme 9,
    Drive 2TB Samsung SSD and 2TB 7200 Rpm SATA, Memory 32 HB Trident 2400 OC Ram, Power Corsair HX1000i, case is a Midtower NZXT H440.
    This rig works for FSX also although I do get OOMs on FSX so I have switched to P3Dv4.1

    Sorry I can’t help with you problem, you could try the AVSIM forums.

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  2. Dear Ken
    Here a message from The Netherlands, a question how have you mannage all the hardware to work, mij Saitek Logitech hardware ass Yoke Rudder, Flight instrument panels and so on can y not start with my FSX, y downloaded al the drivers but there is notting that works. Is there someone in your group who can advice me? , y hope for a reaction, lot of thanks from Martin regards to all Martin


  3. I am with Tom we build cockpits and fly a simulator to simulate the real world why would you want to use VR and not be able to see or use your hardware.


    1. …. 2d would never be like the “Real Thing” cuz we live in 3D & not in 2D world. 3D technology is emerging mainly to get us close to reality Period. The fact that we ,currently, do not have an access to our Hardware, is nothing but temporary obstacle ..
      I, personally, able to use most of my Hardware: Yoke, Pedals, TPM & TQ6, COM/NAV AP(Via VRInsight M-Panel) G500 (By DesktopAvaitor) converted to G530 Fuel Selector (again, by DesktopAvaitor) and most of my GoFlight Knobs Buttons & Switches, I know where they are and can easily sense them & by keeping small gap between the Headset and the nose bridge Ican even see them … I’m GA Guy mean low & slow and with the unprecedented immersion will never look back to 2D again



      I have all my instruments running on secondary Rig via Air Manager so when getting Headset off, I’m still in full control …lol


      1. I did that before with the small gap as you said on the VR system I tried.
        BUT as long as you feel comfortable and enjoyable, that’s most important, isn’t it?
        BTW, if you are interested, I am happy to include your cockpit to my photos as well. That should shed some lights on those who’s considering VR.


      2. No argue Tom. You are absolutely right, whether, it’s 1D, 2 or even 5D, it doesn’t matter, as long as we enjoy it.
        My setup, though it is very basic, it got all the thing I need for VFR & IFR…. I can send you some Pix & you can post them if you think they worth it


    1. VR may be the future trend. But it’s not my cup of tea, at least not now with so many limitations.
      Also, VR can’t compare with the touch and feel from a real cockpit.


      1. Awesome setup, agree with VR usage too Tom for the most part and I do have the Oculus Rift and touch controllers but prefer to use it for driving games and other stuff … demo stuff mostly but also occasional flight sim usage like DCS when I’m in the mood.

        Have a 34″ curved widescreen monitor too, this has been put to use in my gaming and general use PC now that I have a 4k 43″ monitor for my flight sim rig though.

        Always wondered what 3 x curved monitors would look like … Nice!


      2. Yeah. I have the same question as well. Or at least 1 curved big screen in the front and 2 regular mediums on both side. That would be thrilling.

        I should have bought a curved 65-inch 4K TV in the first place. But didn’t think that far at that moment. Also, price was a concern.


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