478: A Quick Buttkicker Gamer 2 Review

Regarding the Buttkicker Gamer 2 mentioned in 48RE’s cockpit, David Marsden sent in his quick reivew about the device as follows:

The Buttkicker Gamer 2 is a device that takes the bass from your sound output and converts it into vibrations.  You can attach the actual Buttkicker to your chair as shown below.

The lead from this connects to the amplifier (again a picture is below). The amplifier also has a remote that connects to it. Another lead runs from the amplifier to the Sound card at the back of the PC. All the leads are supplied with the kit and it is quite easy to set them all up.

All that remains to do is start your flight sim as normal. You can increase or decrease the sensitivity (it really does not need increasing, if anything it needs turning down).

What I like most about it is you can feel the vibration of the engines during steady flight (B737-800) as that is all I fly.  I have not tried it with any other planes.  Rolling on the runway is also very realistic.  I have only had it set up for one day, so I need to play around with the FSX volume levels to see what difference they make.

If you live in a flat or shared apartment building I don’t think the Buttkicker would be suitable. Unless you can insulate it somehow I think it would annoy your neighbours. Mine makes the whole floor of the flightsim room shake, but I do love it.

It does not impact on the FSX Performance as it gets its input directly from the sound output and the processing is all done by the amplifier.  There is no software installed on the PC at all.  It is just plug in and play.



3 thoughts on “478: A Quick Buttkicker Gamer 2 Review

  1. Hi Trevor

    This does not affect the normal sound output at all through the speakers. A ‘Y’ shaped adaptor is included in the kit. In your setup you want to be amplifying (to the chair for vibration) the sounds that go to the speakers.

    You would insert the male pin in the ‘Y’ shaped adaptor into your sound card where your speakers are currently plugged in. The other two pins on the ‘Y’ shaped adaptor are female. You would put your speakers male pin into one of the female pins and the male pin of the lead that goes to the amplifier in the other one. This way your speakers are going straight to the same sound card as they were before, but that same output is copied to the amplifier for the Buttkicker to work from.

    I’ve taken a picture of my setup at the PC end, but I can’t see how to upload it here?

    If you want to go to this URL, there is a copy of the setup guide which probably explains it better than I can:-

    Click to access BK-GR2_QSG.pdf

    I hope this helps you.




  2. Hi Tom/David
    Interesting to read about the Buttkicker. How does connecting this product to the sound card affect your normal sound output through your speakers? For example, I have 2 sound cards in my PC, one is for primary sounds coming out of my main speakers whilst the other card is for headphone & microphone. I am assuming your primary sounds cannot be heard via your main speakers given the Buttkicker connection?


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