Cockpit: 48RE (KCDI, USA)

48RE has been private pilot for 24 years.   Due to long working hours, he is sometimes difficult to find time to go flying the real thing and practice to keep sharp flying skills.   So more than three years ago, he built his own virtual cockpit to help keep current on his flying skills, especially IFR.

He says that building the cockpit and programming everything to work as it should was as fun as flying it.   Moreover, practicing IFR flights and instruments approaches on it is priceless.

Builder: 48RE
Location: Cambridge, Ohio, USA
ICAO: KCDI – Cambridge Municipal Airport

Project Notes:
Computer 1: (This Computer is dedicated to FSX)
– Intel Core i7 4790K overclocked to 4.7
– Motherboard ASUS Z97-DELUXE
– Memory Size 32 GBytes
– Display adapter NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
– Drive 0 Samsung SSD 840 PRO 500GB
– Drive 1 Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256GB (dedicated for FSX)
– Drive 2 1TB (for backups)
– Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.7 Gaming Keyboard
– Mad Catz R.A.T.9 Gaming Mouse

-Computer 2:
– Microsoft Surface 4 Pro Touch Screen, Network connected to FSX Computer for Garmin GPS G750
– iPad for flight charts (I mainly use
– VolairSim Flight Sim Cockpit
– 3 ASUS VN279Q 27″ Full HD 1920×1080 Monitors (Super narrow bezel design)
– ButtKicker BK-GR Gamer
– Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound system
– TrackIr 5 Premium Head Tracking

– Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
– MS Flight Simulator X Gold Edition
– Orbx: FTX Global Base / FTX Global Vector / FTX Global openLC / FTX Global Trees HD
– Active Sky 16 and Active Sky Cloud Art
– A2A 3D light Redux and Accu-feel V2
– SPAD.NeXt Complete Edition
– Multiple Gauges from FSX Times
– Flight1Tech G750 Simulator (GPS)
– VoxATC software for ATC communication with voice recognition
– FSUIPC4 Full Edition
– nvidiaInspector

– 9 Saitek FIP
– 3 Saitek Radio Panels
– 1 Saitek Multi Panel
– 1 Saitek Switch Panel
– 1 Saitek Backlit Information Panel
– 1 Saitek PRO Yoke
– 3 Saitek Throttle Quadrant
– 1 Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals
– 1 Flight1Tech Garmin GTN 750 GPS (on MS Surface 4 Pro computer network connected to FSX Computer)

Regarding the ButtKicker I am in particular interested, 48RE says that the BK-GR Gamer 2 kit has been doing an excellent job and he is very happy with it.   He further adds that if he puts the volume on it above medium, the vibration and shaking is too high, which makes the mouse and the iPad to fall off the table/simulator stand and becomes unrealistic.

3 thoughts on “Cockpit: 48RE (KCDI, USA)

  1. Tom,

    Firstly can wish you and your wife a happy anniversary and my best wishes.

    Secondly, thank you to 48RE for the cockpit pictures and letting me know that the Buttkicker existed (I had not idea).

    Thirdly, and the real reason for this post, you MUST get a Buttkicker. I bought one as a result of this post and reviews on the internet. IT is by far the best addition I have made to my flight sim. The realism of the engine vibration cannot really be explained without experiencing it. It really is awesome. I have no connection with the company.

    As it runs from the sound output, there is no reduction in the Sim’s performance. It uses no processor power at all. I would be happy to do a fuller review if you or anyone else would like.

    Best wishes



    1. Hi David,
      Glad to hear you got the Buttkicker for your cockpit, I think it is a must on any flight simulator, the only thing I don’t like about it is the name (they could have call it game shaker or something but diffidently not butt kicker .. haha).. anyway.. it gives you a lot of feedback, for example when I am flying a twin and the engines are not in sync it vibrate different (just like the real thing) and I know that I need to correct the power without even looking at the gauges, this is for example very useful on final when you are making a lot of fine adjustments,.. I also find it for example to be lot of fun to feel the landing gear locking or the flaps vibrating the plane or most importantly the pre-stall shake.. I really think it is a must and also it makes flight simulator more fun.

      As a pilot who flies both, airplanes and simulator, I sometimes say.. It’s always better to be on the simulator down on the ground wishing you were up in the air than up in the air wishing you were down on the ground…. 
      Good Flying my friends..



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