473: Running Logitech X-Plane Gauges alongside SPAD.neXt

It is commonly known that SPAD.neXt and Saitek/Logitech drivers cannot be run simultaneoulsy; otherwise conflicts will occur.
Here’s how to avoid the conflict when running the new X-Plane FIP Gauges (using Saitek/Logitech drivers) together with SPAD.neXt; since the development of my earlier X-Plane gauges designed for SPAD.neXt has come to a stop for the moment.

Edit:    Just found that there are still conflicts between the Logitech plugins and SPAD.neXt.   Under this combination, all basic functions work ok but not the many extra features provided by SPAD.neXt.
Will explore further if there are solutions.

Step 1
Install the Saitek/Logitech FIP drivers (if they have been removed from the computer) — it is necessary for the Windows OS to recognize the hardware.

You could download the Flight Instrument Panel Drivers from Logitech’s support web page here.   Or if you have the older version 7 on hand, it works fine as well.

Step 2
Follow the instructions in Post 471 to install the X-Plane Plug-in.

Step 3
After restarting the computer, right-click on the Windows Menu bar at the bottom to call up “Task Manager

Step 4
Search for “DirectOutputService Windows Service” under Processes and click to open it.

Step 5
Right-click on the “Saitek DirectOutput” item and select “stop

Step 6
Quit “Task Manger” and load up SPAD.neXt

Step 7
Disable “FIP Support” under DEVICES of Settings.

Now, you’ll be able to run the X-Plane FIP gauges using Saitek/Logitech drivers, and have the SPAD.neXt to control and operate other Saitek panels and cockpit components simultaneously.

If you need to run other SPAD.neXt compatible gauges, just re-enabling the FIP Support function will do.

However, do note that the “Saitek DirectOutput” service stopped in this manner will activate again when the computer is restarted.   You’ll have to stop it again following Step 3 to 5 above.

Stopping DirectOutput Permanently
If you have fully switched to using SPAD.neXt to control your gears, or you only fly X-Plane, you could follow the steps below to stop the “Saitek DirectOutput” service permanently:

Step 8
Type “services” on the Search bar and open the Services Desktop app







Step 9

Right-click on “Saitek DirectOutput” entry and choose “Properties






Step 10
Change Startup type to “Disable” and click “Apply









Step 11
Lastly, click “Stop” on the Service status if it is still running.  Then “OK” to quit the services app.





Now the “Saitek DirectOutput” service is disabled permanently.  You can load the X-Plane FIP gauges using Saitek/Logitech drivers alongside SPAD.neXt without any conflict.

In case you need to reactivate the “Saitek DirectOutput” service, repeat Step 8 to 11 above and change the Startup type from “Disabled” to “Automatic” or “Manual” in Step 10 above.


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