472: The Wait is Over

As early as in February this year, I released five C172SP gauges for X-Plane, which were to be run on the SPAD.neXt driver platform.    I was optimistically hoping that a full C172SP gauge set for X-Plane could be done by the end of the year.   Unfortunately, there was no progress at all regarding X-Plane FIP conversion support since then.

To be frank, it’s nobody’s fault, and we all know that plans don’t always catch up with plans.   On the bright side, it is a good push on my new direction for developing X-Plane gauges based on the platform’s native datarefs and commands.   Moreover, I still see many X-Plane flight-simmers running FIPs with the default Saitek/Logitech Plugins.

So, here it comes the new C172SP X-Plane (Logitech) gauges, plus the Wet Compass just completed.

Truly, graphics-wise, they resemble the already released X-Plane (SPAD.neXt) gauges very closely.  But the codes are new — especially to one who has been playing flight simulation on Microsoft platform for years.  No kidding, a few commands took me hours or even days to figure out their correct usages thru trials-and-errors.

Anyway, the wait for the X-Plane C172SP Gauge Set is over.

Lastly, for those who took the Presale Bundle Discount offer should have the download link in their mail boxes by now.   In addition, the Wet Compass is also included for free to thank for their supports.

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