471: Adding FIP Plugin to X-Plane

Adding FIP Plugin to X-Plane is very simple:

Step 1
Download the “X Plane Plug-in” from Logitech’s support page — No worry even if you are still using the previous Saitek drivers and not the recently renamed Logitech drivers.

Step 2
Run the downloaded file to install the Plug-in — A new folder called “XSaitekProFlight” will be added to the “\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins” folder automatically.

That’s all you need and you are good to fly with the default gauges in X-Plane.

Step 1
After the installation process mentioned above, make a copy of the “XSaitekProFlight” folder and call it “XSaitekProFlight_Backup” (or whatever you like) in the same (or any) directory.

Step 2
Open Control Panel and select to uninstall “X-Plane Plugin

Step 3
Rename the “XSaitekProFlight_Backup” folder back to “XSaitekProFlight

Now the FIP X-Plane plugin folder is independent from the installer.

You can regularly backup this folder with your own gauge contents included, and paste it back to the “\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins” folder whenever needed without going thru the installation process again.

This not only helps prevent unnecessary and unnoticed alterations to the gauges, but is also good for future X-Plane setup whether it is going to be a fresh install or an update restore.


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