470: The X-Plane C172SP Gauge Set is Coming

Following is the movie clip of the C172SP Gauges developed for X-Plane 11.   Even better, the gauges could run properly without the need of SPAD.neXt.

For those systems which have Saitek or Logitech drivers already installed, the X-Plane addition is a no-brainer.

Since these gauges are written from the native X-Plane datarefs and commands, they are NOT COMPATIBLE with the “FIP Support” feature in SPAD.neXt.

In other words, as long as the “FIP Support” feature under “DEVICES” of “Settings” in SPAD.neXt is DISABLED, these new X-Plane gauges could be run alongside with SPAD.neXt, if so desired, without any problem.

This gives an ideal scenario for those who are using SPAD.neXt, as well as those who are using the default Saitek/Logitech drivers.

However, do note that since the codes used in these gauges are unique for X-Plane only, they are, therefore, not compatible and interchangeable with any of my other gauges, including those X-Plane Gauges previously developed to be run with SPAD.neXt.

Currently I am working on the installer and tidying up the codes.   I am targeting to get the 10 gauges shown above to be ready by this weekend (if not, then as earliest as possible).

The Wet Compass is about done as well.  The Engine Gauges, as always, due to its complexity, will come last.   Timing, however, shouldn’t be crossing the year, I hope.

Prices of these new gauges will be the same as their FSX/P3D C172SP siblings.   Current X-Plane (SPAD.neXt) Gauges users could contact me for discounts.   Existing FSX/P3D C172SP Gauges users could do the same, if interested.

Presale discount is available until the launch of it.

Really, I am glad to say that the wait for a full C172SP FIP gauge set for X-Plane is over (well…pretty soon).



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