469: My Latest Nvidia Setting

Thanks to all who shares their ideas about adjusting refresh rate to reduce micro-stutters in my last Post.  Frankly speaking, I didn’t really pay any attention to adjust it until recently.

And after a second thought, although I said the trick doesn’t have any effect on my rig, I think it could still be a candidate solution to those who have the issue.

For those who are interested, following is the Nvidia Settings (under native 60Hz refresh rate) I’ve been using in the last few months.
My P3Dv4 settings are more or less the same as the ones I stated in Post 438, except that I turned on the VSync and Tripple Buffering and reduced the Target Frame Rate to 30.   Micro-stutters are minimal.


2 thoughts on “469: My Latest Nvidia Setting

  1. I have been using 30 fps monitor plus VSync and Triple Buffering for a long time. When I had to switch to 60 fps as I found X-Plane runs better with it (or, maybe, I just didn’t find the proper settings yet) I tried Prepar3d4 with 60 fps VSync and Triple Buffering off, too, and it seems fluent as well (although the fps numbers do fluctute more). I can’t complain about microstutters at all in general, with the exception of making turns over really large hubs full of traffic where fps fall to the low 20s and the sim looses a bit of its fluidity.

    On your settings above, OpenGL doesn’t matter in any way for Prepar3d4. It does for X-Plane though, but then you should set it in the X-Plane specific settings (and switch Threaded Optimization off).


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