468: A Probable Micro-stuttering Cure

Micro-stuttering is one of the most severe headaches to almost all flightsimmers and it is not easy to cure.   If have a 4K monitor or a 4K TV, you may try cutting its refresh-rate from 60Hz to 30Hz.

I didn’t invent the trick.   I was told by a friend, who found the trick on the Internet.   Probably some of you knew it or even tried it already.

Is it a panacea or just another placebo?   I don’t think either is correct.   Because the result on my rig is insignificant in either FSX or P3D, but it does gain some improvements over my friend’s system with less powerful hardware as mine in general.

Anyway, it won’t hurts to give it a try if you do have a 4K display, whether you are suffering from the micro-stutter or not.

If you do, I’d appreciate your result sharing in the Comment section below.


4 thoughts on “468: A Probable Micro-stuttering Cure

  1. Hi, the cure is very simple: you need to have the same amount of FPS as the refresh rate of your screen, that means that if your PC has 30 fps, you need a refresh rate of 30Hz. You can consider the following alternatives: reduce the refresh rate to 30 Hz AND limit your FPS to 30 or, if you have a screen that does not support 30hz, select NVI (Nvidia Inspector) vsync 1/2 refresh And limit your fps to 30, in my case, I needed to limit the fps with the internal limiter of P3Dv4 and also with the NVI limiter.


  2. This a well know already, & whenever you using nvinspector you will see that almost every post is referring to the Vsync & 1/2 refresh rate as well as frame limiting to 30 as a very basic step need to be taken to “Cure” those micro-Stuttering. I, personally, had those issue when I was running FSX-SE and moving to XP11 didn’t solve the issue, neither keep upgrading my hardware. I think it is more fundamental issue concerning the optimization of the Sims on the programing side


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