461: B737 PFD to be Released Soon

In the last few weeks, I’ve been working hard on the Primary Flight Display (PFD) for the FSX default B737.   The development is based on the feedback from users, especially G5 PFD users, who want somethings truly matching the B737.

The gauge is generally completed with all the features found on the default B737 PFD, such as warning bars and displays for maximum and minimum speeds, decision height and altitude, etc.

At present, codes and functions are being optimized.   It is expected to be ready within the next two weeks.

Price of the B737 PFD will be the same as the G5 PFD.  Current G5 PFD users could contact me for a 40% off discount.

For others who are interested in the gauge, a 20% off presale discount is offered until the launch of it.

Although the gauge is designed for the FSX default B737, I found many of the features work with the PMDG B737.

However, since the design of PMDG aircraft is very different from other developers, I CANNOT guarantee there will be fixes for it.


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