448: Affinity Mask Calculator

Affinity Mask is commonly recognized as one of the most useful features that allows flightsimmers to improve system performance by altering the combination of running CPUs assigned to the simulator.

Here’s my Affinity Mask Calculator (with redesigned interface) version that I hope it could give you some helps during your search for the best possible value.

Using the calculator is simple and intuitive — just select the CPUs you want to assign to FSX or Prepar3D based on:

  • the number of core (dual-, quad-, hexa- or octa-) of your processor; and
  • your choice of Hyper-Threading setting

Then, the value of the Affinity Mask in decimal will be accordingly calculated.

If you haven’t done so, the last step is to copy the following script with the Affinity Mask value and paste it to your fsx.cfg or Prepar3D.cfg.

AffinityMask=<result calculated>

I normally paste the script at the top of the file.

After saving the cfg file, FSX or Prepar3D will be running with the CPUs you select from next start.

One suggestion, no matter what type of processor you have, try KEEPING CPU 0 (with Hyper-Threading DISABLED) or CPU 0 and CPU 1 (with Hyper-Threading ENABLED) ACTIVE in any of your combinations as these two CPUs are generally responsible for almost all graphic renderings in the simulator.   Disabling them may lead to blurred images or sluggish image refresh.

However, as always, there are other hardware and software elements affecting the results so that your mileage may vary.   Test it yourself.

For my current hexa-core i7 6850 processor with Hyper-Threading enabled, I am currently using 1503 and it gives a pretty nice result.  Of course this number will change when other elements are factored in.

Should anyone need some “refreshments” about Affinity Mask, see my earlier Post 10 and Post 390.


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