447: FIPs for P3Dv4 and New Drivers

Received a number of inquiries recently from friends who asked for advises why their FIPs (Flight Instrument Panels) no longer work after upgrading to P3Dv4.

Causes are in general similar — the exe.xml and/or the DLL.XML are missing.   Because these two files don’t come with the simulator nor created by the Saitek drivers by default.  Moreover, the latest FSUIPC5 is also a prerequisite.

Fixes are simple:

Install the FSUIPC5, and the DLL.XML will be created automatically.

Copy your existing exe.xml from FSX or earlier version of P3D to the new P3Dv4 cfg folder ( %appdata%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 )
Download my exe.xml here (it already contains the script linking to the Saitek drivers), and then put it in the P3Dv4 cfg folder.

With these two files in place, FIPs now should function as usual.

Thanks to Thomas Campbell who notified me that Logitech (now owner of Saitek) has recently updated the drivers for the Pro-Flight series of products from version 7.xx to version 8.xx.

If you are users of my Gauges, DO NOT UPDATE to the new version for the moment because it uses a different file path and filename structure from the previous Saitek ones.  Using the new drivers will stop your gauges from running.

Therefore, until I announce the readiness of a new Installer that is redesigned to cope with the Logitech changes, please DO NOT UPDATE to the new version.

After all, I don’t see any difference (except the names) from the new drivers.



One thought on “447: FIPs for P3Dv4 and New Drivers

  1. As an alternative for those not knowing, you can of course use SPAD.neXt. This one worked for Prepar3d4 with your gauges from day 1 like a charm, as it’s Simconnect-based and doesn’t rely on the Saitek/Logi drivers at all.


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