446: Cessna Fuel Gauge Now with Back Light

The Integrated Fuel Gauges (INTFG) for the default C172SP and A2A C172R and C182T have just been updated to version R5 and R2 respectively.   They are the second group of Cessna gauges now enhanced with back-light effect, following the earlier Wet Compass.

Actually, in order to make the back-light effect right, I have taken far more time and effort than I expected in the first place.   The new updates are the result of numerous attempts and many days of work.

Therefore, I wouldn’t be able to give any estimated date when the next one will come nor what gauge or gauges it or they will be for the moment; however, there will be updates for sure, which I can promise.

As always, existing users should have received the Download Link in their mailboxes by now.   If not, feel free to contact me in the Comment Section below or via email directly.  Others who are interested could visit my store for details.

By the way, on the coming 15th of this month, FSX Times is entering its 7th Anniversary of service in the flightsim community.  As such, I have selected 7 bundles from my gauges and lowered their prices by 50%, hoping that more friends could have extra fun flying in this August sky.

The special offer will last for one month, from today to September 1.


6 thoughts on “446: Cessna Fuel Gauge Now with Back Light

  1. Hey Tom, I swear your gauges just get better and better!

    I would like to get ALL your sets/gauges now I have committed to switching to P3D – are you able to check which I have and advise which I still need to buy? I only see an email for C172SP – I thought I had bought more! Maybe I just dream of them….. ;o)


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