441: Cessna Wet Compass with Back Light

Here’s the updated Cessna Wet Compass implemented with back-light effect after the B737 gauges.

The feature applies to both the default and A2A models, but not the X-Plane one as it uses a different set of codes.

Moreover, the back-light effect on the A2A Cessna can only be turned on or off.  Light intensity cannot be adjusted.

The next gauges to come with the back-light effect will be the default C172SP and/or the A2A C172R set(s).  However, for the moment, I wouldn’t be able to give an estimated completion date as quite some new graphic elements are needed to be done from scratch.

Existing users should have found the Download Link in their email boxes by now.   If not, feel free to notify me in the Comment section below or via email.

Others who are interested could go to my store for details.




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