440: My Cockpit Rebuilding #05

Not much progress in my cockpit rebuilding.   Part of the reason is the time I mostly put on the Prepar3Dv4 in the last few weeks.    Also, there are still a few more parts and accessories I am waiting to get.

Here’s the Cessna glare shield I received earlier today from UK.

The quality of it in ABS plastic is good.   But the shipping cost — a little over two-third of the shield itself — makes the price in total completely unreasonable.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any choice as all suppliers I found are in Europe.

Surely I thought about DIY one myself.   However, I had to give up the idea eventually after considering that I am really not good at this type of works.

Anyway, I am quite happy about this glare shield, and I do move a step forward, don’t I ?


11 thoughts on “440: My Cockpit Rebuilding #05

    1. And a quiz question – you said you were installing P3D to confirm your gauges compatibility, but do you think you might fully switch from FSX to P3D? I am FINALLY fully assembling my SIM, it having been in storage for over 3 years (from when I finished the MIP in fact!) and the sim landscape is changing… so I wonder whether I should switch from FSX from the start. Thoughts?


      1. Haha…actually I have fully switched to P3D since P3Dv3. Due to my gauge development, I need to keep FSX and FSX-SE as well (on my work PC).
        Yes, you are right that FSX and P3D does differ from each other a bit in some landscapes, and the difference in P3D in my opinion is positive.
        My new system is P3D only. So, no reason why you shouldn’t start with P3D from the beginning.

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      1. Aha! I detected a shift in focus by you, but had not realised that you had made the switch. I have been puzzling about what to do over the last few weeks, as I think about getting an extra new PC for the sim – and when the 64 bit version was announced, I knew I needed to research… I trust your judgement on this Tom, so will make the switch to P3D as well. Thanks for all the work you do!


  1. Hi Tom…love your site and comments…

    How about when you have the time, a
    list of all your suggested modifications to
    the P3D4 “.cfg” and other files?

    Cheers and good luck, John Helms


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