439: My P3Dv4 Setting Up #05 – Orbx Additions

With the new FTXCentral 3, all Orbx Global and Continental Regions are added to P3Dv4 without any difficulty.   However, since none of the airports from the company is available for the new version at the moment, I therefore installed (copied) my favorite airports — Bowerman (KHQM), Concrete Mun (3w5) and Darrington Mun (1S2) — straightly from previously ripped backups.   No issues spotted so far except control panels for the airports no longer function.

In addition, since I used to set the “Detail Bump Map” as “Fine” via FTX Aero, and because the FTX Aero feature is still not compatible with P3Dv4 yet, I also manually replaced the default “detail1.bmp” in

  • \Scenery\World\texture” with the one copied from
  • \ORBX\Scripts\Aero\Source\Scenery.World.Texture.detail1.bmp.Fine

The default “detail1.bmp” is the same as the one used in all previous P3D versions as well as in FSX.   One can find a backup of it in the “\ORBX\Scripts\Aero\FSX_SP2_Originals” folder just in case.

Furthermore, I also replaced the default moon texture (“moon1.bmp to moon15.bmp” under “\texture“) with the 512×512 bitmaps from HD Moon by Macro Fischbach.

Similarly, the default moon textures are identical across all P3D and FSX versions.   Nevertheless, I don’t think anyone would replace them back after upgrading with the enhanced bitmaps.

With the inclusion of Orbx addons, some performance hits are seen (similar to what happened in previous versions), even though the targeted 53 frame set earlier can still be maintained in general.

By adding PoolSize=0 to the Prepar3D.cfg (use video memory only from my GTX 1080Ti card) does help pushing the frame rate up a bit to where it was.

In addition, I also lowered the “Autogen Draw Distance” from “Extremely High” to “Very High” and “Autogen Vegetation Density” from “Extremely Dense” to “Very Dense“.

They were lowered mainly because I didn’t find much difference between the two Autogen Draw Distances, and I like the Vegetation in Very Dense setting better than in Extreme.

Text version of above settings (Prepar3D.cfg) with revised changes could be downloaded from here.   Values modified are highlighted in red color.


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