438: My P3Dv4 Setting Up #04 – Initial Settings

Followings are the P3Dv4 Settings on my new computer before Orbx addition to come next, with which overall frame rate at present stays around 53 stably except in those extremely dense areas.

Text version of above settings (Prepar3D.cfg) with additional changes could be downloaded from here.   Values modified are highlighted in red color.


4 thoughts on “438: My P3Dv4 Setting Up #04 – Initial Settings

    1. Hi Rich,
      The entry doesn’t exist by default. So you have to add it to the file yourself.
      I have added a link to the newly revised cfg at the end of the post.


  1. Looks good, some settings (HDR…) are certainly a matter of taste and I am still experimenting on them.

    In case of fps issues look for “airport vehicle density”, I had it maxed, too, and the system started to breathe after dialing it back. Of course your system may be different. As all traffic settings this is CPU bound.

    Further, I would raise shadow throw distance, this shouldn’t be critical for your GPU.


    1. Yes indeed, Michael. The settings depend very much on one’s preference. I like the result so far but certainly things will change as time goes on.
      Thanks for the note about “airport vehicle density”, I will pay attention to you.


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