435: My P3Dv4 Setting Up #01 – Configuration Backup

Actually this is the second piece in the “My P3Dv4 Setting Up” series of articles.   However, since I normally do the back up before migrating FSX aircraft described in the last story, I therefore name this post #01 and rename the last one #2.   Publication time is adjusted as well for proper display order.

After every installation (whether it is P3D or FSX or other similar programs, and no matter if it is a new install or a re-installation), I’ll immediately do a back up for the key configuration files first.    In P3Dv4, most of the user-configurable files are located in the following folders:

  • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4
  • C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4

The first one is where the Prepar3D.cfg and some other key configuration files reside.   The second contains the Scenery.cfg and other related configurations.

As these two folders can be said the most important user-configurable locations in Prepar3D (and similar in FSX, too), I normally copy the two folders in full to a separate drive on a regularly basis and rename the folders with the backup dates for future maintenance purposes.
In addition, I’ll also make a backup of the following files in their original folders:

  • cameras.cfg —> cameras_v40_ORIGINAL.cfg
  • Prepar3D.cfg —> Prepar3D_v40_ORIGINAL.cfg
  • Standard.xml —> Standard_v40_ORIGINAL.cfg
  • Standard.xmlx —> Standard_v40_ORIGINAL.xmlx
  • Scenery.cfg —> Scenery_v40_ORIGINAL.cfg

Furthermore, whenever I need to change these files, I will make an additional backup copy of them with corresponding notations first (e.g. Prepar3D_01, 02, 03…)

Also, I will pin the configuration folders to Program Menu of Windows so that I can quickly access them.

I know there are utilities on the market providing similar helps.   This is what I do customizing for my needs and it seldom fails me.


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