431: DHC2 Beaver Gauges Released

Received a number of friends who report to me that my gauges function properly as usual under the new P3Dv4.   So happy to hear that because I, myself, still haven’t purchased the 64-bit version yet.   Thank you all.

Speaking about gauges, just finished a new set for the DHC2 Beaver.   Although it is no way comparable to Beaverpilot’s full-scale Beaver Simulator, the instrument still provide good fun to those FIP users who enjoy float-planes flying.

To complete the instrument set, there will be one (or two) more Engine gauge(s) to come later, which will embed the Oil Quantity, Oil Temperature, Cylinder Head, Temperature, etc. for the DHC2.

Any one interested in the gauges could click here or the image above for pricing information.  Surely the best offer is the bundle option.


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