Cockpit: Thomas Campbell (KCAE, USA)

Followings are the cockpit pictures from Thomas Campbell who basically built his cockpit on the Volair Sim Avionics Panel.   It looks pretty nice.

Builder: Thomas Campbell
Location: Columbia, South Carolina, USA
ICAO: KCAE – Columbia Metropolitan Airport
KCUB – Jim Hamilton L B Owens Airport

2017-0608 Update: With 6 more FIPs added, it’s set up very nice.  All gauges are CT210M.

Project Notes:
i7-7700k overclocked to 4.8
GTX 970
Asus 27-inch monitor x 3
CH Yoke and Rudders
Saitek TPM, Trim wheel, Radio Panel, Multi Panel, Switch Panel, 4 FIPs with Tom Tsui gauges.
iPad with ForeFlight
P3D v 3.3 using View Management to create seamless virtual cockpit across 3 monitors



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