429: My Cockpit Rebuilding #03 – Racks Installed

Many friends emailed me how I find the new 64-bit Prepar3D v4.    I wish I had some comments but I am still repacking my room with so many things to tidy up and clean before I can move on to set up my new cockpit.  Moreover, it’s really no rush at this moment as there are so many addons needing to be updated before they can fully work with the new simulator.

Followings are some photos of the status of my room so far.

This is how my room looked before the rearrangement.   It’s 5 feet wide and 8.8 feet long.   There are many books and computer stuff stored in the tiny area.

The room was mostly cleaned with the help of my sons.
After many hours of labor, the room was completely emptied and cleaned.
Start building the cockpit framework with metal storage racks in gray color.  It’s in a sense not a build solely for simulation. It needs to absorb back all the stuff (well, mostly) stored in the room before.   Quite a challenge I have to say.
The cockpit area, the new work bench and a few book shelves are basically put in place.   The cockpit is now an area of 5 feet x 5 feet.   Surely not roomy but certainly more spacious than a regular C172.
The VRInsight Flight Master Yoke II will replace the Saitek Cessna one.   It does give me some hard time due to the depth of its case.
The main display is a 65-inch 4K TV from LG.  It’s a shop display unit at a cost around $1,500.   Haven’t decided to put two TVs or two monitors for the left and right windows yet.
A cockpit with a view on the top to light up the area while not simming.    Many stuff have been put on the top shelf temporarily.   Actually, more items unseen from the photos are to be packed in or thrown away.
The earlier long work bench is replaced by a short one.   The new computer put under the table will be dedicated for simulations and games only.

Inevitably, there are still many stuff to get rearranged and repacked again and again while different pieces are gradually put in place.   Also, since the new bench table is now metal instead of wood, how to stack up the FIPs, the panels, etc. with no drilling holes is some puzzles to be solved.

2 thoughts on “429: My Cockpit Rebuilding #03 – Racks Installed

  1. Looking good Tom, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

    At last, my own cockpit is assembled, a few additions made, I will email you new photographs to refresh the early ones I provided you with. :)


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