428: FSW First Impression – Part 2

by Michael Basler

Here are good news.  I just tested SPAD.neXt with FSW support and was positively surprised.  My Prepar3d C182 profile (which, of course doesn’t have a counterpart in FSW) works excellently with the FSW Piper.   This includes notably Tom’s gauges.   Some of them are of course not appropriate for the Piper, but the values are all displayed and even the Flaps indicator moves.

I find this great news.  Without SPAD.neXt and gauges support I would have pretty much left FSW alone.

Of course it has a host of issues, Dovetail’s 3rd party politics and overall information are horrible etc.   Nonetheless FSW might have some potential.   While I had terrible tearing initially, this is gone after activating VSync in the Nvidia CP (why did they remove that important setting?).

I do get stable 30 fps without any hesitation over “Vancouver” (or what you might call it :-) with maxed settings.   Contrary to others, I quite like the light shaders as I prefer to fly in fair, sunny weather.

(The Photo attached shows) the Piper C3 gauges work.  Unfortunately, Dovetail in their infinite wisdom decided to beautify the pause screen (P) by a settings overly, thus you can’t just pause the sim and take a photo of the scenery/plane.

(For the moment, FSW) planes are mostly into Pipers.   No Cessna at all (even though) the C172 gauges work as well.    The poor aircraft collection is certainly going to be extended some time.  I guess they will leave the C172/C182 to A2A – as payware of course.

I’ll try if there are fitting gauges for any of the FSW planes and try them when I find more time.


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