427: FSW First Impression

by Colin Moir

Followings are comments originally sent by Colin regarding the early access of the Flight Sim World (FSW).   As it is generally covering many aspects of the product, I am posting it as a full piece instead.  BTW, sorry to hear that Colin had a bad fall at home while doing DIY recently.  Hope him get well soon.

Installed FSW last night too, can’t complain about the price (free) as I’d already bought Flight School … a nice gesture from them, but I’m sure future DLC is where Dovetail expect to make money from this title, it all seems a bit raw just now and that’s expected because its early access … really like the windscreen rain effects, this reminds me of the old Flight Unlimited 2 from Looking Glass, if they can get the effect to change as the Aircraft travels faster I think they will have nailed this visual effect.

Only used it for less than an hour last night, have looked in the FSW.CFG and changed the LOD radius from 4.5 to 6.5 that seems to have helped, also changed WideViewAspect from 0 to 1, but I don’t think that setting makes any difference any-more so long as the resolution is set correctly, otherwise all settings to max at 3440 x 1400, set voice to max and music to half and no complaints about performance, have it installed on its own SSD I have in the system that is earmarked for P3D V4 64 bit once its out, quite smooth so far but I’ve a lot more experimenting to do yet with FSW, will be flying it on and off over the weekend as I find time.

While on the subject of the .CFG I notice the following …


This is on my i7 7700K @ 4.8GHz and with HT disabled, that can’t be the right affinity mask setting for my CPU?  I’ll experiment with the correct setting later, there are a few other settings in the .CFG I should be able to make, like “on screen brake warning” stuff etc, but I don’t want to do too many changes (and would only do one at a time and check anyway) because I expect lots of updates to the sim in the near future … might even just uninstall and install afresh for updates whilst in early access.

I did manage to set the sensitivity of my controllers OK, reverse the toe brakes on the rudder pedals so they work correctly if that’s what you meant by controller calibration?  will sort out a controller button set up this afternoon that is same or similar to what I would use in FSX or P3D for familiarity … I wonder if this sim will ever support our other Saitek panels and peripherals … I hope so.

Too early for any meaningful verdict from me, have seen some very harsh feedback from the community already, I guess some expectations have been too high or they are not really realizing what early access means … we’ll see.

At the very least, surly this sim must show Lockheed Martin that 64 bit is possible and must be part of their next release of P3D in order to move on and lose the OOM’s a lot of folk are getting.



3 thoughts on “427: FSW First Impression

  1. Hi Colin,
    I’m hoping that Dovetail have some good tricks up their sleave for FSW, they’re going to need them as they are facing stiff competition all around


  2. Hi Phil

    Good to hear of your scenery experiments, have looked at the folder structure and thought adding to the sim should be straight forward, have FSW installed on two PC’s here and I’ll experiment on one and leave the other install on my main flight sim PC with just the minor modifications I’ve mentioned.

    I hope FSW turns out to be a success, pretty sure ORBX have plans to add content for it once its out of early access. I can see it getting quite expensive once DLC is added though, hoping for discounts (or added free functionality) on DLC I’ve already bought for FSX and P3D.

    Flight Sim life is quite good just now though, FSX and SE installed here as well as X Plane 11, Aerofly 2 and it seems P3D 64 bit is just around the corner.


  3. Hello Colin,
    Thanks for your comments. I’ve also been doing some fiddling around and I’ve got it to accept my MegaScenery photoscenery, that’s improved thing a lot for me although the colours are wrong at the moment


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