News: Flight Sim World Now Available

Whether you are entitled for a free copy of the Flight Sim World on Steam, it is just available for download now.   It comes with over 15 GB of contents.  Still need time to explore how it performs comparing to the previous Flight School and FSX.   Anyway, facing with more and more competition, P3D should be more aggressive and go 64-bit asap.

By the way, my system will be down in the next couple of days due to room rearrangement.   May not reply to emails and questions at all.

First Impression:

Played the FSW for an hour or so.   To me, in many ways, it resembles the previous Flight School that it is designed to replace.  But it includes some new elements from X-Plane 11 interface and FSX core.  

The overall performance is smooth and graphics renderings are nice, which gives your engine a pleasant start.    

Unfortunately, even though it recognizes the hardware attached to it instantly, the configurations for the Yoke, Rudders, etc. are too simple.   Also, there’s no calibration tools provided at all (at least I haven’t found it).   For that reason I had to rely on the keyboard rather than the flightsim gear for many operations.

Don’t want to jump to conclusion too early.   But the first 60 minutes of flight didn’t give me a feeling that it is the next generation of FSX.   May be another Aerofly ?


4 thoughts on “News: Flight Sim World Now Available

  1. Installed it but failed to start. Just get splashscreen and dmp file. Gave up after 10 min. Will give it another look later this weekend.


      1. Solved the problem! Had learn my firewall about FSW. So far not too impressed. Found, some work needs to be done especially as there is stuff missing they did already have in Flight school. Will be following their progress but mainwhile stick to FSX and also started flying new X-plane.


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