426: Compass Compass

Following the X-Plane C172SP, the Cessna Shared Compass for FSX/P3D aircraft has also upgraded with similar changes to allow the exclusion of OMI markers and NAV/GPS indicators.   In addition, a new version specifically customized for the A2A aircraft is also released.
Although these three Wet Compasses look similar in appearances, they do have differences in many ways from each other.   For example, there is no “BOTH” communication option on A2A and X-Plane.  The sound buttons, OMI markers and NAV/GPS indicators are also responding differently according to the status of the battery and avionics switches.

The main purpose of making all these similar but different versions available (which applies to all my other gauges) is to provide FIP users a choice of choosing the best match for the aircraft they are flightsimming with.

Download link for the update (R5) is sent already.  And if you purchased the Compass within the last six months (after November 2016), I am glad to inform you that you will get a copy of the new A2A version for free as well.

Should you not receive the download link, let me know by email or via the Comment section below.

For the remaining “older” Compass users, an 80% off discount will be given nevertheless.   Just send me an email whenever you wish to get the A2A one.



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